Released July 31, 2002, at news conference  for RWA First Anniversary celebration, aboard Presidential Yacht Sequoia

July 26, 2002
Robert Weiner
Robert Weiner Associates
Washington, DC
Dear Bob:

I am delighted to congratulate you, Ricia McMahon, and everyone at Robert Weiner Associates on reaching your one-year anniversary.

A great deal of effort is always necessary for the successful fulfillment of any endeavor, and I salute you for having the vision and commitment to start your own company and see it through.
As you reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, I hope you enjoy your time aboard the magnificent Presidential Yacht Sequoia.

Having served eight Presidents in times of challenge and of joy, it is truly a national treasure, reminding us of our country’s rich and varied history, and our steadfast values of freedom, justice, and democracy – values I know your organization works hard to uphold.

As you celebrate your first company anniversary after leaving the White House (and your first as president!), I send my best to you and all your staff for continued success.

Bill Clinton