August 3, 2001
From Jack O'Dwyer's Newsletter
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    White House Drug Policy Office spokesperson Bob Weiner has set up Robert Weiner Associates in Washington, D.C.

    Weiner told this website that "he is gratified that President Bush allowed him to keep his job the six and a half months" that he has been in charge. That allowed Weiner to reach the 20-year of federal service milestone.

    John Walters, Bush's nominee for drug czar, has not yet been confirmed.

    Weiner held the drug office's director of PA slot under both Lee Brown and Barry McCaffrey.

    He also worked for Democrat Reps. John Conyers, Charlie Rangel, Claude Pepper and Ed Koch, and Sen. Ted Kennedy.

    RWA will advise clients on dealing with the government, drug and aging issues.

    Joining Weiner are David Sternoff, former president of Young Democrats of America; Jay Wind, CEO of American Environmental Institute, and Linda Bayer, author of "Ruth Ginsberg: A Biography."

    Sue Ducat, communications director for the Council for Excellence in Government, and former producer of PBS' "Washington Week in Review," will advise RWA.

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