Bud's Book

Tyrannus Bush?
reverently based on Tyrannus Nix by Ferlinghetti
by Harold Thomas Beck
(also known as Bud Beck, Host of The Bud Beck Show)

Tyrannus Bush? is described as “just plain brilliant” by Robert S. Weiner, Democratic Strategist and Former Spokesman in the White House Drug Policy Office.

Weiner goes on to say: “He captures in poetry the insanity and biases that are Bush President II. From Beck's poetic incisiveness on the coming of the Third World to OPEC's terrorist illegality to seeking advice from Bush's Daddy to Dick Cheney's keeping secrets, Beck shows the inanity of W in an imaginative way no one else has done. Fun reading for everyone who cares about what happens to our nation.”

Tyrannus Bush? is reverently based on Ferlinghetti’s 1970 Tyrannus Nix and is presented in the same Political Satirical style that ruled the anti-war movement. Nothing has changed and Mr. Beck is prepared to entertain and enlighten your group while you fund raise for your campaign with an event few will soon forget.

Author and Liberal Radio Talk Show Host
Harold Thomas Beck
also known as Bud Beck, host of The Bud Beck Show
Is available for you next fund raiser.

He will do a reading and book signing for your group.

He is booking dates right now so act fast!
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