FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 12:01 AM December 2, 2003

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(Washington, DC) – Larry King’s hour-long interview of Linda Tripp tonight was a “puff piece” which “ignored the unnecessary torture she inflicted on America,” Bob Weiner, Clinton White House staffer who was subpoenaed by Ken Starr before the Lewinsky Grand Jury, asserted tonight.


“Weiner said, I couldn’t get past their call-in 800 line busy signal to ask what King himself should have asked and emphasized to Tripp but never did: “Why was it so important to challenge Clinton’s private sexual actions with a totally consenting person? And how do you justify the legal torture you put so many innocent people through about being questioned about it, like me and my wife, when many millions of Americans – whether rightly or not – have done the same thing since time immemorial?”


Instead, with only some four minutes of pointed questions, King, on his show, “Larry King Live”, spent fifty minutes promoting Tripp’s foundation, her admirable strength against breast cancer, her “lovely” daughter that King brought on-air (and that daughter’s unchallenged statement that Monica was “a little flaky”), allowing Tripp to repeat several times how she was “not part of a right-wing conspiracy”, showing B-roll of her Christmas shopping, and accepting as fact Tripp saying “I know that Hillary knew” about Monica because Tripp was “in the oval office”.  The show concluded with Tripp advertising a holiday ornament honoring the 1800 White House (I’d have to ask, who in fact wants Tripp as a spokesman for the White House?) – and again promoting a website for Tripp’s foundation.


“Tripp violated the meaning of privacy and friendship,” Weiner contended. “The American people detested what she did.  The more she and Starr victimized Clinton, the higher his popularity grew – and he in fact left office with the highest popularity of any president according to both Gallup and Harris’s departure polls, while Starr was in single digits.  She said tonight that history will see her in a positive light, ‘not Linda Tripp the betrayer’.”  “No, that will not happen,” Weiner said. “Her view is pure revisionism -- rewriting the truth of history. No one wants our civil servants -- like Linda Tripp and Ken Starr – to be society’s Peeping Toms watching our sex lives and deflecting our national agenda from the truly great work that needs to be done.” 


Weiner concluded, “I wish someone as respected as Larry King would have had a more equal forum on his show, perhaps including a segment challenging Tripp’s statements and views, since the one he had was almost totally one-sided.”


(Source: Bob Weiner, Robert Weiner Associates 301-283-0821 or 202-329-1700)