Dr. Linda Bayer

7606 Sixteenth Street, N. W.

Washington, D.C. 20012

(202) 829-5364 (work); (202) 829-6565 or 829-1055 (home)

Academic and Professional Appointments

9/96-1/01 Executive Office of the President; Washington, D.C.

Senior Writer / Strategic Analyst, Chief Speechwriter / Editor; ONDCP

5/98-5/99 America’s Promise: Alliance for Youth; Alexandria, Virginia

Writer (consultant) for Gen. Colin Powell, Chairman

9/89-6/90United States Naval Academy; Annapolis, Maryland

Assistant Professor of English

9/82-6/88Boston University; Boston, Massachusetts

Assistant Professor of Humanities

9/80-8/82American University; Washington, D.C.

Director, Arts and Humanities Washington Semester Program

Assistant Professor of Literature and American Studies

9/76-6/80Hartford College for Women; Hartford, Connecticut

Associate Professor of Art History, Director of Writing Clinic

9/75-6/80Wesleyan University; Middletown, Connecticut

Visiting Assistant Professor of English; Director of Writing, Afro-American Studies

1/77-6/77Hebrew University; Jerusalem, Israel

Sam and Ayala Zacks Chair in Literature and Art History

9/73-8/75University of New Haven; West Haven, Connecticut

Adjunct Lecturer in English


9/84Harvard University; Cambridge, Massachusetts

Graduate School of Education; Ed.D., M.Ed.; (11/90); Counseling and Consulting Psychology

9/71-6/73Florida State University; Tallahassee, Florida

Graduate Program in Humanities; Ph.D. (6/76); English and Art History

Florida State University Study Center in Florence, Italy (1972)

9/69-5/70Clark University; Worcester, Massachusetts; English; M.A. (5/72)

9/66-8/69Boston University; Boston, Massachusetts

Major: English, Minor: Sociology; B.A. (8/69)

9/68-6/69New York University; New York, New York

Special Student in English

Media and Administrative Appointments / Government Clearance

1/97-Top Security Clearance

9/92-8/96Washington Jewish Week; Rockville, Maryland

Book Review Editor, Features Editor, Copy Editor

Syndicated internationally through JTA wires out of New York. Weekly column (book reviews, interviews, news, travel pieces, theater / museum critiques) carried over wires.

9/83-Washington Internship Program, Director

Washington, D.C.

8/01-Robert Weiner & Associates, Senior Associate

Washington, D.C.

Honors and Awards

White House Excellent Performance Award, December 17, 1999; December 22, 2000

White House Outstanding Performance Award, December 23, 1998

Simon Rockower Award for Excellence in Arts and Criticism News and Features (8 / 1995), from AJ Press Association (Austin, Texas); conferred 5/30/'96. Second Place Award, legal ethics and literature: “Review of Novel The Advocate's Devil by Alan Dershowitz,” Moment Magazine 

Who’s Who National Registry, 2001 edition

Boston University, Hillel Fellow (1989) 

Writer in residence, Mishkanot Sha'annanim; Jerusalem, Israel (November, 1988)

University Fellowship; Clark University (1969-70)

Clinical Experience

9/86-6/87Judge Baker Guidance Center

Boston, Massachusetts

9/85-6/86Harvard University Clinic

English High School; Boston, Massachusetts

Publications: Books

The Gothic Imagination (now in second printing)

Associated University Presses and Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1982

The Blessing and the Curse (second printing, 1989) JPS, 1988

reviewed: New York Times (Sunday) 9/'88; (50 reviews, see full resume p. 38)

Strategic Communications: Selected Writings (two books of my articles)

White House (Executive Office of the President)

Office of National Drug Control Policy, Volume I: 1999, Volume II: 2000

Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Women of Achievement Series (second female Justice on High Court)

Chelsea House Publishers, 2000 (in addition to bookstores, sold at Supreme Court)

Elie Wiesel: Spokesman for Remembrance; in Holocaust Biographies (life of Nobel laureate)

Rosen Publishing Group, October 2000 (under consideration for a national book award)

Quincy Jones, in Overcoming Adversity Series (biography of leading black musician)

Chelsea House Publishers, 2000

Crack and Cocaine; Junior Drug Awareness Series

Chelsea House Publishers, 1999

Inhalants and Solvents; Junior Drug Awareness Series

Chelsea House Publishers, 1999

Amphetamines and Other Uppers; Junior Drug Awareness Series

Chelsea House Publishers, 1999

Encyclopedia of Psychological Disorders, Volume on:

Out of Control: Gambling and Other Impulse-Control Disorders

Chelsea House Publishers, September 2000

Sleep Disorders; Encyclopedia of Psychological Disorders

Chelsea House Publishers, September 2000

Uneasy Lives: Anxiety Disorders; Encyclopedia of Psychological Disorders

Chelsea House Publishers, 2000

Personality Disorders; Encyclopedia of Psychological Disorders

Chelsea House Publishers, 2000

Strange Visions: Hallucinogen-Related Disorders: Encyclopedia of Psychological Disorders

Chelsea House Publishers, 2000

Drugs, Crime, and Criminal Justice; Crime, Justice, and Punishment Series

Chelsea House Publishers, July 2001

Books Edited:

Twenty-First Century Health and Wellness Series, wrote introduction to all volumes

in name of former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop

Chelsea House Publishers, 2000

Mistreatment of Women in Colombia by Elena Eder

2001, editing in progress

Disasters: Reforms and Ramifications, wrote introduction to all books in series: 

in name of Red Cross National Chairman for Armed-Forces Emergency Services

Chelsea House Publishers, 2000

Building Amid the Rubble: Business Ethics and the Holocaust, by Joseph Tenenbaum Accepted: International Scholars Press, 2000

A Nation and a Land: The Life and Eloquence of Nathan Mileikowsky Netanyahu

by Saadya Netanyahu (former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s uncle)

Mesorah Publishing, 1998

Darkness and Hope by Sam Halpern

Sheingold Publishers, 1996

Birthrights by Linda R. Benson

(novel about Islamic terrorism; author is English professor at University of Michigan) 

From Normandy Invasion to the Battle of the Bulge: One Soldier’s Story of War

by George Marlow with Linda Bayer, New York: Charles Roth Inc., July 4, 1999


As senior writer and strategic analyst at the White House, I wrote 300 published articles, opinion editorials, speeches, and features in the name of President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, ONDCP Director Barry McCaffrey, and other Cabinet members (Attorney General Janet Reno, Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala, Education Secretary Dick Riley, etc.). These pieces were printed in top newspapers, magazines, professional journals, law reviews, and scholarly venues throughout the country and in translation abroad. (See following pages.) The White House published two volumes of my collected writings (1999 and 2000). 

Editorials, Op-Eds, and Speeches:

“Packages of Hope for Children,” Washington Times, (April 12, 1998), for Gen. Colin Powell, (ret.), Chairman, America’s Promise: Alliance for Youth, p. B1. (Scripps Howard News Service distributed to 400 papers.)

“A Way to Beat Illegal Drugs,” Washington Post, (April 17, 2000), for McCaffrey, p. A21.

“Bread of Hope Can Nourish Our Children,” Houston Chronicle, (April 12, 1998), for Colin Powell, Outlook Section, p. 1.

“Unethical Reasons for Legalizing Drugs,” Business Week, (April 24, 2000), p. 18.

“Message Out to Kids,” Cleveland Plain Dealer, (July 29, 1998), for Barry McCaffrey, p. 9B.

“Media Blitz Is Effective Against Drugs,” Chicago Tribune, (July 29, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 1-16.

Veterans’ Day speech at Vietnam Memorial, delivered by McCaffrey, “Vietnam Veterans' Leadership in Our Communities,” Vital Speeches of the Day, (January 15, 1998), p. 222.

“Advertising Is a Key Weapon in War Against Drug Abuse,” Denver Post, (January 16, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. B7.

“Junkie America Feeds Drug Trade,” Wall Street Journal, (December 18, 1997), for McCaffrey, p. A23.

“Cooperation with Mexico; Flaws and All, Still the Best,” Los Angeles Times, (October 10, 1997), for McCaffrey, p. A11.

“War on Drugs and Stereotypes,” Washington Times,” (Sunday, October 5, 1997), for McCaffrey, p. B4. (Scripps Howard News Service distributed nationwide.)

“Medical Marijuana? Don’t Do It, D.C.,” Washington Post, (September 9, 1997), for McCaffrey, p. A19.

Written charge, in the name of President Bill Clinton, to participants at National Methamphetamine Conference; Omaha, Nebraska, (May 23, 1997).

“The New Front in the Drug War: the Media,” Christian Science Monitor (May 30, 1997), for McCaffrey, p. 19.

“A Drug-Free Open Society,” Washington Post, (March 12, 1997), p. A19.

“The White House War on Drugs,” Wall Street Journal, in “Review and Outlook” section, (November 4, 1996), p. A22. 

“Moving in a Risky ... or Safe Direction on Drugs?” Washington Times, (Sunday, December 22, 1966), for Gen. McCaffrey, p. B4. (Distributed by Scripps Howard News Service).

“Legalization Is Real Goal,” USA Today, (January 2, 1997), p. 10A.

“Mass Manipulation of Young Minds,” Los Angeles Times, (January 2, 1997), for McCaffrey,

p. B7.

“Proposition 215 Is Bad Medicine,” San Francisco Chronicle, (October 7, 1996), for McCaffrey, p. A19.

“Troubled Families,” WJW, (December 24, 1992).

“Pardons and Pollard,” WJW, (December 31, 1992).

“Year of the Fourth Estate,” WJW, (January 7, 1993).

“Holocaust Denial,” WJW, (April 22, 1993), p. 44.

“Courageous Orthodox,” WJW, (July 8, 1993), p. 12.

“Getting a Get,” WJW, (October 21, 1993), p. 16.

“Saudi Persecution,” WJW, (November 4, 1993), p. 22.

“Hard Choices,” WJW, (May 19, 1994), p. 12.

“Making Memory a Blessing,” WJW, (June 1, 1995), p. 16.

“Nix on Stone's Kissinger,” WJW, (January 25, 1996), p. 22.

Articles, Short Stories, and Other Pieces:

“Intern Gets Inside View of Capitol,” Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, (August 6, 2001), pp. C1/3.

“A Couple of Letters: A Korean War Love Story,” review of We Will Not Be Strangers; Korean War Letters Between a M.A.S.H. Surgeon and His Wife by Dorothy Horwitz, B’nai B’rith International Monthly, (March/April, 2000), pp. 42-49.

“Old and New Faces of Bangkok,” WJW, (December 9, 1999), p. 37.

“Drug Policy Director Misrepresented,” USA Today, (September 4, 1997), p. 12A.

“A New Plan to Fight Drugs,” Washington Times, (March 6, 1998), for White House ONDCP Director McCaffrey, p. A21.

“Faithful Should Come to Aid of Our Children,” Dayton Daily News, April 30, for Colin Powell, p. 15A.

“Anti-Drug Ads Tested in State,” Racine Journal Times, (January 25, 1998), for McCaffrey,

p. 5D.

“A New Message; Portland Will Test Anti-Drug Campaign,” Oregonian, (January 20, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. D29.

“Anti-Drug Campaign Targets Siouxland,” Sioux City Journal, (January 18, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. A8.

“Media Should Join Government to Push Anti-Drug Message,” Arizona Daily Star, (January 16, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. A17.

“Kids and Drugs: What Works,” Washington Times, (January 13, 1998), for McCaffrey, p..A15.

“Idaho Media Campaign Targets Youth,” Idaho Statesman, (January 13, 1998), for McCaffrey,

p. 7A.

“Using the Media to Help Fight Drug Use,” San Diego Union Tribune, (January 9, 1997), for McCaffrey, p. B7.

“Remarks by Barry McCaffrey at American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Eighth Annual Meeting, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Newsletter, (January, 1998), p. 1.

“General McCaffrey Speaks on Drug Control Strategy,” The Prosecutor, publication of the National District Attorneys Association, (March/April, 1998), p. 31. (Delivered in San Antonio, December 5, 1997.) 

“A New Media Campaign on Drugs,” Louisville Courier-Journal, (March 10, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. A7.

“Drug Problem Requires Cooperation,” El Paso Times, (March 18, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 8A.

Dos Claves para Reducir el Uso de las Drogas,” Reforma (Mexico City paper), (March 17, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 20A.

Dos Claves para Reducir el Uso de las Drogas,” El Norte (Monterrey paper), (March 17,1998), for McCaffrey, p. 7A.

“Keynote Speech” delivered by McCaffrey at 33rd Annual CNOA Training Institute in Monterey, California Narcotic Officer, (April, 1998), p. 39.

“America Launches Anti-Drug Youth Campaign,” Dareline International, for McCaffrey, (May, 1998), p. 25.

“When Kids Know the Truth about Drugs, Use Declines,” Biloxi Sun Herald, (May 6, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. B3.

“Drugs International,” Washington Times, (June 10, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. A21.

“Anti-Drug Effort Must Begin at U.S.-Mexico Border,” Arizona Republic, (June 25, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. B7.

Vi Forklarar Inte Krig Mot Knarket” (“We Don’t Declare War Against Drugs”), Dagens Nyheter (Swedish newspaper), (July 13, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. A4. 

Legaliseren van Drugs is uit de tijd en levensgevaarlijk” (“Legalization of Drugs Is Out-of-Date and Dangerous”), Het Parool (Amsterdam paper, Netherlands), (July 16, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 8.

Wij hebben onze les geleerd: Drugs moet je nooit Legaliseren” (“We have Learned Our Lesson: Drugs Should Never Be Legalized”), Haagsche Courant (Hague paper, Netherlands), (July 16, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 11.

“Harm-Reduction Strategy Won’t Work,” Oregon Bulletin, (July 31, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. A6.

“Legalization Would Be the Wrong Direction,” Los Angeles Times, (July 27, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. A11.

“Media Helpful in Anti-Drug Youth Drive,” New Orleans Times Picayune, (July 14, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. B5.

“Drug-Abuse Treatment Saves Tax-Payer Dollars and Resources,” Recovered (July, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 30.

“Confronting America’s Drug Problem,” San Diego Union Tribune, (August 2, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. G3.

“Legalization of Drugs Wrong Regardless of How It Is Done,” Houston Chronicle, (August 2, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 4C.

“Decriminalizing Drugs Is Wrong,” Cincinnati Enquirer, (August 6, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. A14.

La Legalization de las Drogas Seria un Error,” Clarin (Buenos Aires paper), (August 19,1998), for McCaffrey.

“Legalizing Drugs Is Wrong,” Miami Herald, (August 20, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 21A.

“Treatment Saves Money and Lives,” D.A.R.E.LINE International, (Issue 5, summer), for McCaffrey, p. 42.

“Race and Drugs: Perception and Reality; New Ruling for Crack Versus Powder Cocaine,” One Hundred Black Men of America Report: Special Edition, (summer 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 24.

“Cocaine: Will Congress Act?” The Crisis (NAACP publication), for McCaffrey,

(September / October 1998), p. 18.

“ONDCP Director Barry McCaffrey Speaks out on Treatment,” TCA News (Therapeutic Communities of America), (fall 1998), p. 1.

“Seeing through the Haze of Medical Marijuana,” Las Vegas Review-Journal,

(October 18, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 1E.

“Under Kitchen Sink: Home Product ‘Drug’ Problem,” Christian Science Monitor,

(October 22, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 11.

“We Should Use Science, Not the Ballot Box, to Minister to Disease,” Seattle Times, (October 27, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. B5. 

“Approval of Proposition 300 Would Quash Drug-Legalization Efforts,” Arizona Republic, (October 29, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. B7. 

“Ballot-box Prescriptions Risky,” USA Today, (October 30, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 14A.

“Yes or No for Marijuana?” Washington Times, (November 1, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. B4.

“White House Drug Chief Rejects War Analogy,” USA Today, (November 9, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 24A. 

“Media Meeting Objectives of Drug Campaign,” Los Angeles Daily News, (November 20, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 35.

“U.S. Drug Policy Sound, Despite What Molly Ivins Might Think,” Oregonian, (November 25, 1998), p B11. 

“Column on Drug War Thirty Years Too Late,” San Antonio News Express, (December 2, 1998), p. 5B. 

“Media Campaign a Key in Cutting Youth Drug Use,” San Antonio Express News,

(December 5, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. 7B.

“Country Doesn’t Need to View Fight against Drugs as War,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, (December 5, 1998), p. A27.

“Drug Legalizers Make a Weak Case,” Raleigh News and Observer, (December 8, 1998), p. 19A. 

“Anti-Drug Campaign Is Reaching Our Youth,” San Diego Union Tribune, (December 9, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. B11

“Efforts to Combat Money Laundering,” Loyola International and Comparative Law Journal,“ Los Angeles, for McCaffrey, (December 1998), p. 791.

“Molly Ivins Was Wrong to Criticize U.S. Drug-Fighting Policy and Efforts,” Greensboro News and Record (N.C.), (December 13, 1998), p. F3.

“A Productive Year for the Office of National Drug Control Policy,” Washington Times, (December 31, 1998), for McCaffrey, p. A16. 

“Should Marijuana Be Legalized for Medicinal Purposes?” The Costco Connection magazine, for McCaffrey and Vereen, (January 1999).

“Send Right Message to Kids about Drugs,” Chicago Sun Times, (January 14, 1999), for McCaffrey, p. 24.

“Is Medical Marijuana an Oxymoron?” Physicians Weekly,” for Dr. Donald Vereen, (February 1, 1999).

“Heroin Access Spurs Need for Methadone,” USA Today, (January 25, 1999), for McCaffrey,

p. 13A. 

“Government at All Levels Must Fight Illegal Drugs,” Tallahassee Democrat,

(February 13, 1999), for Jim McDonough, p. 13A.

“Educating Youth Is Key To Success,” Charleston Post-Courier, (February 21, 1999), for McCaffrey, p. 17A.

“Methadone Needed to Save Lives, Reduce Crime,” Scranton Tribune, (February 28, 1999), for McCaffrey, p. C2.

“Nation’s Leader in Anti-Drug Effort Says Fight Can Be Won,” Medford,Oregon Mail Tribune, for McCaffrey, (March 14, 1999), p. 12A.

“Incarcerations Alone Will Not Stop the Cycle of Drug Abuse,” Washington Times,

(March 25, 1999), p. A22.

“Introduction: Staying away from Illegal Drugs, Tobacco Products, and Alcohol,” Heroin; Marijuana; Steroids; How to Say No; How to Get Help; Inhalants; Amphetamines and Other Uppers; Ecstasy and Other Designer Drugs; Nicotine and Cigarettes; LSD, PCP, and Other Hallucinogens; Crack and Cocaine; Alcohol, Pain Relievers, Diet Pills, and Other Over-the-Counter Drugs; Prozac and Other Antidepressants; Valium and Other Downers, from the Junior Drug Awareness Series, New York: Chelsea House, 1999, pp. 6-9.

“Mentoring: A Classic Way to Help Children Avoid Risky Behavior as Teens,” Seattle Post Intelligencer, (April 21, 1999), for McCaffrey, p. A15. 

“National Drug Control Strategy,” International Society for Addiction Medicine,

(April 25, 1999), for McCaffrey, p. 16.

“Drug Courts Offer Treatment to Nonviolent Offenders,” Miami Herald, (June 4, 1999), for McCaffrey, p. 18A. 

Mexico y los EU se Oponen a las Drogas Ilicitas Mediante la Cooperacion y no la Confrontacion,”El Mexicano, (June 25, 1999), for McCaffrey, p. 21A.

“Resisting Drugs through Cooperation,” San Diego Union Tribune, (June 27, 1999), for McCaffrey, p. G2.

“Don’t Legalize Those Drugs,” Washington Post, (June 29, 1999), for McCaffrey, p. A15.

“Resist Passing Law of Self-destruction,” Arizona Republic, (July 25, 1999), for McCaffrey,

p. B7.

“McCaffrey Cites Progress, Problems in U.S./Mexico,” El Paso Times, (August 8, 1999), for McCaffrey, p. 13A.

“ABCs of Drugs Should be Part of School Curriculum,” Houston Chronicle, for McCaffrey, (August 10, 1999), p. 27A.

“Keys to Reducing Drug Use among Youth,” Making a Difference, for McCaffrey, publication of Future Farmers of America, (September 1999), pp. 4-5.

“Latest Anti-Drug Effort Not Just an Ad Campaign,” Orlando Sentinel, (September 20, 1999), for McCaffrey, p. A11.

“Sanctions Provide Damage Control Drugs Require,” Albuquerque Journal, (October 7, 1999),

p. A15.

“Do You Want to Allow Patients with Specific Illnesses to Grow and Use Small Amounts of Marijuana for Treatment as Long as Such Use Is Approved by a Doctor?” Maine Sunday Telegram, (October 31, 1999), p. 1C.

Reducir Danos, Si; Legalizar, No,” Reforma (Mexico City newspaper), for McCaffrey, (November 4, 1999), p. 29A.

“Law Enforcement Team Puts a Dent in Drug Trade,” New Jersey Star Ledger,

(December 29, 1999), for McCaffrey, p. 16.

“Differing Views on Teen Drug Study,” Washington Times, (December 29, 1999), for Francis Kinney, ONDCP, p. A20.

“Legalizing Drugs Is a Bad Idea,” Drug Watch World News, (January/February, 2000), for McCaffrey, p. 1.

“Drug Courts a Useful Tool to Help Offenders, Cut Abuse,” Arizona Republic, for McCaffrey,

(January 7, 2000), p. B9. 

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“White House Nod for TV Scripts?” New York Daily News, (January 21, 2000), for McCaffrey,

p. 53.

"We Have No 'War' on Drugs," World and I magazine, (February 2000), for McCaffrey, p. 30.


“Drug Czar Backs TV Effort,” San Francisco Examiner, (February 2, 2000), for McCaffrey, 

p. A20.

"Feds Are Not Involved Behind Scenes on TV,” Chicago Sun Times, (February 2, 2000), for McCaffrey, p. 36.

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p. 9B.

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(March 15, 2000), for McCaffrey, p. B7.

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Magazine, (August, 1995), p. 68. Won National Rockower Award for journalistic excellence. 

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Documentaries, Educational Television, and Radio Appearances

Television show in dialogue with sculptor Philip Ratner, WDVM-TV, Washington, D.C.,

(November 1982).

Script for P. B. S. documentary on the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors (co- authored); aired on national television, (April 1984).

WDTV FM Radio, Frank Ford Talk Radio; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (June 10, 1988).

WMET FM, “About Washington,” Morton Leeds Talk Radio, (July 8, 1988).

WFTV, “One on One,” television show with Meryl Shore; Miami, Florida,

(September 14, 1988).

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), interview for “Woman's World,”

(December 28, 1988).

Boston Cable Television, “Dateline,” Moshe Waldoks Talk Show, (March 29, 1989; rebroadcast throughout week of May 14-20).

WEVD Radio (1050 AM), Ruth Jacobs Show; New York, (taped May 23, 1989;

aired July 7, 1989).

National Public Radio, WAMU (88.5 FM), Diane Rehm Show, Mike Cuthbert guest host,

Washington, D.C., (June 26, 1989).

American Radio Network, “Book Lives,” live talk show with host Alan Christian, broadcast out of Baltimore, Maryland and carried by 300 affiliates coast to coast, (November 14, 1990).

The listing above is just a sample of television and radio appearances I have made. During two years of a professional book tour in connection with my novel The Blessing and the Curse, I spoke on TV and radio an average of three times per week. A longer version of this resume includes ten pages of such engagements. 

Lectures and Appearances

University Lecture: “Notre Dame to the Exorcist: Gothicism in Literature and Art”

University of New Haven (November, 1974)

The Sam and Ayala Zacks Lecture

“Franz Kafka and Rene Magritte; Expressions of the Absurd in Modern Literature and Art”

Hebrew University, Israel (May, 1977)

Centennial Lecture Series in Honor of Franz Kafka

“Franz Kafka in Context; The Artistic Background of a Literary Tradition”

Klutznick Museum; Washington, D.C. (November, 1982)

“Religious Symbolism and Its Transformation in the Art of Marc Chagall”

Arlington, Virginia (March 23, 1986)

“Literary Creativity: The American Experience”

Arlington, Virginia (March 22, 1987)

“Cultural Diversity: The Collective Correlation to Individualism,” Congressional testimony

delivered to U.S. House of Representatives at hearing sponsored by John F. Kennedy

Center for the Performing Arts, Black Caucus, and Representative Cardiss Collins;

published in Congressional Record (September 28, 1990)

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; Washington, D.C. (October 17, 1988)

First International Feminist Conference; Jerusalem, Israel (November 30, 1988)

Boston University, “Women and the Arts: the Creative Process” (March 26, 1989)

“Multiculturalism; the Educational Effect on Ethnic Groups”

Arlington-Fairfax Adult Education Series (December 1, 1991)

“The Family in Fiction and Fact,” Rockville, Maryland (December 11, 1992)

“When the Angel Doesn’t Pass Over,” oral reading of original short story, Beth El Chavurah; Potomac, Maryland (May 16, 1993)

George Washington University, “History of Drug Legislation in the United States”

Washington, D.C. (April 29, 1998) 

The above list is a small selection of academic lectures, formal addresses, and talks I delivered. During two years of a national book tour, for example, I spoke between three and ten times each week to live audiences.

Reviews of The Blessing and the Curse and Ruth Bader Ginsburg

New York Times, Sunday Book Review, (October 30, 1988).

Los Angeles Times, Book Review, (September 4, 1988), p. 4.

Publishers Weekly, “Forecasts, Fiction,” (May 20, 1988).

Boston Globe, “Territorial Waters,” (November 6, 1988).

Boston Herald, “The Blessing and the Curse,” (July 17, 1988).

Jerusalem Post, Magazine Section “Eternal Questions,” review by Dr. Aaron Singer,

(May 26, 1989), p 14.

Moment Magazine, “Therefore Choose Life,” by Joanne Greenberg, author of I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, (October, 1988), p. 54.

West Coast Review of Books, “Quotable! The Blessing and the Curse,” Los Angeles,

California, (December / January 1988/'89).

Washington Times, “Book Life: Fiction,”' (January 3, 1989), p. E9.

Plus forty more newspaper, magazine, and journal reviews of The Blessing and the Curse, (1987-1990).

“Biography Presents a Perfect Justice Ginsburg,” WJW, (May 11, 2000), p. 30.