Robert Weiner interviewed by Adam Boulton on Sky News, October 22, 2015


It came across as, they brought in Huma Abedin for eight hours, and Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton's other close aide, and now they are harassing her (Hillary) about Sydney Blumenthal. They are harassing her for hours and hours on end and coming up with nothing new, and it really just proves that Kevin McCarthy, the Republican #2, was right that the purpose of this hearing and the entire investigation was to drive down Hillary Clinton's poll numbers, because she is going to be the Democratic Presidential nominee. That's what it's all about. And you know what? When you harass and victimize the Clintons, it backfires, as Ken Starr did when he went after Bill Clinton, and he left office with 70% after he was victimized, the highest in Presidential history.

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