• On Iran deal will Senate Democrats protect it and not just get 34 for veto override of disapproval but get 41 against cloture to stop disapproval from even moving forward?

  • Biden—could running put Hillary campaign in disarray (not really, but that’s the pontificators’ babble)? Why are they making the Biden-Warren meeting sound unique when Hillary had the same meeting? And why are R’s targeting just Hillary who provided her emails and not the private emails of the other three recent Sec States who refused to give theirs to the National Archives? Are they compulsive on Benghazi while not wanting the facts on the Iraq war buildup and torture? On what basis is there a challenge on Hillary’s classification after the fact when none of the emails was marked classified at the time – aren’t Republicans just targeting Hillary for obvious presidential politics?

  • Now Republicans are trying to repeal Obamacare "taxes" -- the very basis on which the Supreme Court upheld the law. When will they give up trying to take health care away from millions and don’t they simply look ridiculous with this potential 56th vote to repeal or dismantle in some fashion? Have they looked at the lowest uninsured rates ever and life expectancy increases because of the law—the very point of it?

  • Republicans are moving toward another shutdown, now over Planned Parenthood allowing fetal tissue research. Why haven’t any in the Congress – or for that matter Planned Parenthood themselves-- had the guts to emphasize the reason for providing the tissue in the first place as a small Time Magazine story pointed out, is that fetal tissue is the best tool for cures for many diseases, has led to vaccines for polio, rubella, and chicken pox and now helping with Parkinson’s among others. Moreover, car crash and gun homicide victims’ adult tissues don’t work while fetal tissue does—it’s legal and nearly every leading hospital and medical institution uses it, including NIH? On the politics, doesn’t this debate help Democrats who will stand fast with Planned Parenthood, while Republicans again appear to wage a war against women, increasing the huge single women gender gap they suffered in the last Presidential election?