Points by Robert Weiner for Michigan Public Radio, Bankole Thompson “Redline” Show, June 4, 2015, on Hillary Clinton, emails, the Clinton Foundation, and the 2016 Election:

Private emails were not against the law until just last year, after her term, and all prior Sec States had private emails they deleted... and Sec States have had private contacts of all sorts forever starting with those under George Washington right through FDR and WW2 and since... that's what diplomacy is... and by the way where are the hearings and FOIA requests for the other recent Sec State deleted emails like Colin Powell's who deleted his in the buildup to the Iraq War because he was so embarrassed over what turned out to be the false intel he used in what he said was his worst mistake: his UN presentation where he said the tubes he showed were nuclear missiles but turned out to be harmless aluminum vacuum tubes ...

As for the Clinton Foundation, as Bill Clinton just this week told the UN, that donor money does good things (worldwide health care, Haiti, AIDS drugs to millions around the world, infectious disease medical research, technology innovation etc.) so this is pure hypocrisy about the Clintons from the R's who engineered Citizens United to get unlimited anonymous secret special interest money for their own campaigns into the billions -- and then the R's do help the casino people, pharmaceuticals, and oil companies who gave them the money? Total hypocrisy and only attacking the Clinton Foundation to try to get at likely nominee Hillary -- Same for the Benghazi hearings and the latest committee.

Benghazi is no more her fault than Lebanon's hundreds dead were Reagan's, or 9-11's Twin Towers and Pentagon 3000 dead were Bush's. And BTW R's in Congress only a year AFTER Benghazi provided the full embassy security funding authorization Hillary has asked for 6 months BEFORE Benghazi and Congress blocked. I remember the press release from the Republican House Chair touting the "full embassy security funding"-- finally -- a year late!

R Candidates? All verbal hypocrisy when they say “jobs” and “end income disparity” because they are opposing higher min wage and pushing tax breaks for the rich and deregulation as their ec plan instead of infrastructure jobs, higher min wage, and education support at all levels, while cutting Pell Grants, Food stamps, and Affirmative Action in education and business, and Voting Rights (Goodlatte and Grassley claim because better, need nothing more).

The R myth of appealing to minorities – as claimed by Rand Paul — will not happen because they are all talk/no action and cut programs to help minorities (who have disproportionate poverty) like housing, affordable health care, education/Pell grants, food, affirmative action, all while pushing voter suppression, opposing minimum wage increases, and giving tax breaks to the rich and big business. They can change their tune but they are not changing the quality of the music and until they do, while Democrats help minorities, Republicans do not deserve and will not get minority votes. (The only thing Rand Paul has a point on is changing disproportionate arrests and prison including for drug crime, but Clinton Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey and others have been way ahead of him on that.)