FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, June 13, 2011
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BOB WEINER, SEN. NORM COLEMAN AGREE ON “FOX AND FRIENDS”: “REAL ISSUES” TRUMP CONG. WEINER; Bob Weiner Says the “Real Scandals” are No-WMD Wars Costing $3 Trillion, 10-year No-jobs Tax Cuts costing $4 Trillion, and Saying Seniors Will be Happier With Less Medicare and Social Security

(Washington, DC) -- National Democratic strategist Robert Weiner, a former Clinton White House public affairs director, and former U.S. Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) agreed this morning on “Fox and Friends” (Fox National News) that “real issues” trump the massive attention being given to Cong. Anthony Weiner.

Robert (Bob) Weiner, also a former senior aide on Capitol Hill for Cong. Conyers, Rangel, Pepper, and Koch,, said on the show, “The real scandals are the two wars finding no WMD’s costing $3 Trillion, the no-job creating tax cuts costing $4 trillion over ten years as a failed policy, and saying seniors will be happier with less Medicare and Social Security. Those and the people who’ve pushed those policies are the real scandals we should be purging.” Coleman said, “I agree with Bob that it’s the real issues that are important.”

Weiner added, “Watch the Republican presidential debate tonight. You’ll hear nothing but tax cuts, tax cuts. Yet those have created no jobs and helped create the huge deficit we have.”

On Congressman Weiner, Bob Weiner said today, “The Republican hypocrisy is amazing. The list of Republicans with scandals who’ve stayed long includes Senator Vitter (prostitutes), Larry Craig (airport bathroom solicitation), Sen. Ensign (sex with staffer even though Chair of Republican Senate Campaign Committee), John McCain (cheated on first wife after she was paralyzed in car crash), and Newt Gingrich (cheated on wife when she had cancer and while he was calling for Bill Clinton to leave). Yet RNC Chair Priebus says Democrats are taking “too long” and House Republican Leader Cantor says “Weiner must go” but says nothing about all the Republicans with scandals and who stayed.

“It’s a health issue for which Cong. Weiner is seeking treatment, and it should be up to Weiner’s constituents,” Bob Weiner added. “Cong. Weiner’s wife Huma is a wonderful person – I know her from my Clinton White House years and since -- and it should be up to the two of them and Weiner’s constituents.”

Weiner and Coleman were interviewed for the discussion on the Fox News “Washington Insider” segment.