Georgetown University Review of 2010 Midterm Elections

On C-SPAN, Friday, November 5, 2010
12:00 noon

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Bobís question begins at 1:04:10

Bob Weiner, and Iím a national columnist and jointly cover the White House with you, John. Itís good to see you, great panel Ö and good to see some friends on the panel too.

One issue that hasnít been raised -- I wanted to bring it because in my sordid youth, I was the Democratic youth voter registration director in 1971 and 1972, when youth vote was first allowed into the Constitution.

There were 15 million more youth 18-29 who voted in 2008 than 2010, but as CNN reported yesterday, the Congressional election margin of Republicans over Democrats was 5 million. Is there any way to build that turnout of youth and also minorities?

Especially here as weíre in a college setting, itís very appropriate to ask this question:

In an off-year election, and if not this election, which had this kind of controversy, when? So how can that be done? Iíd like the panel to address that.