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"Marijuana's Illegal?"
October 21, 2010 -- 6:00 AM

KIRAN CHETRY, CNN ANCHOR: Good morning to you. Thanks so much for being with you on this Thursday, October 21st. I'm Kiran Chetry...
Just days from now, voters could make California the first state in the nation to fully legalize marijuana. Right now, though, you need a doctor's prescription to get marijuana. It's the law, but, in reality, it's really not that hard to get high even without Proposition 19.

BOB WEINER, FMR. WHITE HOUSE DRUG POLICY SPOKESMAN: What we have found is that law enforcement is saying that between 90 percent and 95 percent of the people that go to the medical, quote-unquote, "clinics" in California are going there just to get marijuana and aren't really sick. So that's a fraud to begin with. It's a front, a fraud and a - and a red herring.

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