September 30, 2010 -- 3:00 PM

Bob Weiner Live on RT-TV (Russia Today)

      • U.S. AFGHANISTAN POLICY (Click on the "read more" sign below the printed text and then scroll down the page to watch the interview.)
      • Partial transcript: AFGHANISTAN OPIUM CROP DISEASE CUTS HAUL BY 50%; Afghan police sacks drug abusers in its ranks
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Published September 30, 2010, 13:24 -- Edited October 1, 2010, 00:45 -- Former White House drug policy spokesman Robert Weiner says the drug problem can only be solved by eradicating poppy crops altogether. And this is also a way to fight terrorism. "The only way you can cut off money from the Taliban and Al Qaeda - because drugs are 70 percent of their funding - is to eradicate the drugs out, the source of their money. And they will - to that proportion - disappear," Weiner said. "But the eradication must be combined with what Hillary Clinton is proposing, which is crop substitution. Those two policies combined - eradication and crop substitution -- can be a solution," he added.