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General Barry McCaffrey and Dr. Barry Karlin Discuss Substance Abuse within the Military
McCaffreyGeneral Barry McCaffrey is the former U.S. Director of National Drug Control Policy.http://www.mccaffreyassociates.com/
 (WHQR) - Today marks the beginning of National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. Here in Wilmington, local leaders and families are gathering at the Wilmington Treatment Center for a launch event.

Among those in attendance will be Four-Star General Barry McCaffrey, the former U.S. Director of National Drug Control Policy, and Dr. Barry Karlin, the CEO of CRC Health Group which is the nation's largest provider of behavioral health and addiction services.

They sat down with WHQR's Michelle Bliss to talk about today's event and the growing problem of addiction among U.S. service members and veterans.

To learn more, visit Wilmington Treatment Center.

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