January 20, 2010 -- 4:35 PM-4:45 PM: Interviewed live on "The Dave Elliott Show," 98.9 WGUF FM, Naples FL Talk. Discussed Mass. election, national impact, and prognosis for health care and Obama.

Bob said, "While democracy is exhilarating because anything can happen, the result is a huge disappointment. Coakley took election for granted and then said idiotic things like Shilling was a Yankee fan (he was a Red Sox pitcher), and she didn’t “want to campaign shaking hands” at Fenway. John Stewart made joke last night, why not tell mother with baby, “Kiss your own baby.” Plus the success of the insurance industry and Republicans in selling the message of opposition has turned the country sour -- yet as in 1994, after the insurance companies win, the polls will soon come back to support for change if we were to drop the bill and the insurance companies are no longer threatened and stop their propagandistic ads. Plus Dems have been hurt by the delays in getting bills accomplished – “Democrats’ Disastrous Delay” as Meyerson said in WP today – including health/financial reforms, jobs, and loans for debt.

Obama in trouble? Keep in mind off year is always disastrous to party in power. Often has nothing to do with President’s reelection 2-3 years later -- an eternity. LOTS of time for repair for him personally -- less time for the Dems in 2010. Clinton has same experience in 1994 — lost the Congress (and Dems may yet salvage) — and then won handily in 1996.

On health bill and other bills, Bob said now should utilize reconciliation for 50-vote Senate margin. Must not let insurance industry win when we pay twice other countries’ rates and over 40 countries have better life expectancy and infant mortality rates. We do not have best care, plus 40,000 people die a year because they have no health insurance.