• 07/19/2008 - 6:30 PM Saturday (and repeated Sunday AM) Guest on Radio America "Battle Line," host Alan Nathan, re Presidential politics. Questions focused on McCain/Graham and Obama/Jesse Jackson. Segment was 15 minutes. When airs, go to www.alannathan.com or www.radioamerica.org in addition to open air on 80 stations in 500+ cities, also podcast; and archived online starting Monday following show.

    My comments:

    As I was introduced, I stated: "Welcome to the McCain economic crisis center where we are all whiners and psychos who just happened to lose our jobs, our houses, our cars, and our college educations."

    The host agreed with me that he "cannot fathom" what Graham was doing even if (in host's view) there is economic truth to his downplaying of the "recession".

    I responded that it was not just Graham, whom McCain couldn't dump quick enough and offered to send to Minsk; IT IS MCCAIN HIMSELF as shown by Rachel Meadows on Keith Olbermann last night, when she cited and put on the screen THREE TIMES McCain has recently asserted-in January, April, and June-that the economic problems are "psychological."

    I also stated that to downplay the reality of the economic crisis is absurd considering housing foreclosures up 53% this June versus last June, 6 straight months of job losses, and since Bush took over a tripling of oil and gas prices and doubling of college costs and most medical care while the dollar and deficit are tanking.

    Re Jesse Jackson, I stated that Jackson was off base in his vulgar comments and Obama is a post-racial candidate. I stated that Obama's proposal to double Bush's faith-based efforts is brilliant and shows he will work any good issue regardless of party. I also said, citing my base from working 5 years each for CBC Leaders Cong. Conyers and Rangel before going to the Clinton WH, that what Jesse was likely doing was balking at Obama's (and other African American leaders') legitimate point that African Americans need to work harder at family and good parenting skills. That's not talking down, it's making a valid point - show host agreed.

    I also agreed with another guest that the conflict actually was likely to help Sen. Obama politically in any case.

    Segment was 15 minutes.