Photo credit: Matthew Cavanaugh, European Pressphoto Agency
BastilleDay Here’s an amazing shot, by European Press.

Here I am tied for the lead racing FIVE YARDS FROM THE FINISH of the 2008 Bastille Day Race down Pennsylvania Avenue, Capitol Building looming large behind us, when BOTH the other leader and I at the exact same moment -- at that 5 yards from the finish -- dropped our champagne bottle and glass required to stay on our trays you have to hold with one hand, and were therefore DQ’d so the guy in 3rd, behind us, won. 50 international media cameras cover the event. About 100 people competed.

I did not know they prized anything but first. It turns out they prized the top 5. First place had $400 in prizes (including $250 gift certificate at Les Halles) and 2nd had $300 (including $200 gift certificate at Les Halles) … so if I had not pushed for the lead and just stayed conservative to hold second … money and Hillary’s position would have been mine …

Race distance was two ¼ mile laps around the block so total ½ mile.