Law Publication Praises New Paperback Edition of Conyers Report California Lawyer Magazine Calls 'George W. Bush Versus the U.S. Constitution' 'Compelling, Engrossing'
11/15/2006 9:01:00 AM
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WASHINGTON, Nov. 15 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Rep. John Conyers, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee - who is expected to assume its chairmanship in the 110th Congress in January - directed the compilation of this most comprehensive record to date of the manipulations of official intelligence employed by the Bush administration to mislead Congress and the American people into the Iraq War.

GEORGE W.BUSH VERSUS THE U.S. CONSTITUTION (Academy Chicago Publishers, 312pp, Paperback, 51/2 X 81/2, $16.95, 0-89733-550-3) covers a wide range of information from a great variety of sources to prove its case about the war, including the Downing Street Memos and incontrovertible evidence about the administration's deception, and its use of illegal torture, wire tapping and other human rights abuses.

Attorney Stephen F. Rhode, in his review of the book in CALIFORNIA LAWYER, points out that the book in "...almost 1400 footnotes, draws together in one place disparate facts, events, charges and countercharges revealing critical information from contemporaneous press accounts that even the most attentive observer could easily have missed:

"...the book is compelling and engrossing to read and will surely serve as a resource for politicians and the public during the remaining days of the Bush administration and for historians for years to come."

This is the first time the report has been published in book form and is complete as issued by the House Judiciary Committee. As a result of the Nov. 7 election, this report assumes new significance. Persistent questions about the genesis of the Iraq War as well as the ongoing issues of torture, deception, cover- ups, illegal domestic spying and other human rights violations can now be examined more carefully by the new Congress in January.

Robert Weiner, former Press Secretary to Rep. Conyers, is available for interviews and may be reached at or at 1-301-283-0821. Weiner emphasized that Conyers is not advocating impeachment and has stated he does not intend to conduct an impeachment, but wants the facts as do the American people.

For review copies of the book, contact Jordan Miller, 1-800- 248-7323.

(Source: Academy Chicago Publishers and Robert Weiner Associates, 301-283-0821)


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