• Welcome to leaders here today—4-Star Gen. Barry McCaffrey, Cong. Mike Honda, CA state drug program Director Kathryn Jett, Mayor Patrick Kwok, City Councilors, and many other anti-drug leaders, friends, and colleagues in the field.
  • Today is grand opening of our new headquarters, here in Cupertino. 
  • And We are especially glad to have our opening during the “ National Recovery Month”, designated by the Federal Government to celebrate and honor people who have found the path to recovery and showcases the importance of alcohol and drug treatment
  • CRC Health Group is in 21 states, with 87 facilities and over 2500 employees, treating approximately 22,000 individuals daily. We provide a comprehensive continuum of care including residential, outpatient, opiate detox and maintenance and online treatment for the treatment of substance addiction and related behavioral health issues
  • CRC Health Group has grown to become country’s largest substance abuse treatment provider. 

Today we are announcing several key items:

1)      New strategies for the opiate, OxyContin, and methamphetamine crises.  We have found that abuse of OxyContin—a prescription drug gone awry for personal abuse—has tripled the last three years. We are proud to announce that All of our OTP facilities now have protocols for buprenorphine, approved by the FDA just two years ago, to confront this menace. 

2)      The resurgence of Methamphetamine, with its devastating impact of violence, schizophrenia, and criminal behavior, requires, both traditional interventions and cognitive behavioral interventions. Mental health problems are inexorably linked to drug abuse, and CRC is large enough to focus all resources in a continuum of behavioral approaches

3)      Aggressive use of the Internet to improve drug treatment assistance and efficiency, with national statistics showing Americans’ increasing use of this device.  According to Pew and American Life, Americans have become very sophisticated Internet users, with 80% of Americans with Internet access and nearly half (47%) of all Americans seeking information about health care on line

Online applications of Health Care are transforming the field of substance abuse treatment as well, and CRC is leading the effort: For outcome tracking, treatment options, information, insurance utilization  -- in virtually every area – we are aiding clients, administrators, and providers with layered and secure online systems.

4)      We are releasing four-year success figures of our online treatment and rehabilitation program, eGetgoing, demonstrating high completion and satisfaction for this promising approach still in its early phases. eGetgoing is the first federally certified online treatment and rehabilitation.  As you can see from the handout, we have found an 81% completion rate from 10,000 sessions and some 1000 clients utilizing this strategy, compared to a 40% completion rate for traditional drug treatment according to SAMHSA.  It’s been successful both because of the privacy and ease involved.  The potential for primary usage and for complimenting traditional treatment is enormous.

Beginning in Oct of 2005, we have expanded our outcome tracking system to include all of our patients.  The system will track each patient for five-years thus allowing for continuous evaluation of our programs. resulting in stronger evidence-based treatment



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