The Situation with Tucker Carlson
July 1, 2005

Tucker Carlson: First up, in The Boston Globe Robert Weiner and Alexis Leventhal say that the trial of Saddam Hussein could actually prove disastrous for America. All sorts of secrets are going to spill out during the trial, they say—quote—“Saddam‘s trial may not be great news for the United States. In fact, it may allow the former Iraqi dictator to publicize some obscure but extremely sordid aspects of the U.S. relationship with him.”

In other words, the CIA supported him at various times in his life, going back to they say the 1950s. This is not that obscure. A lot of people know it. The point is, we supported Saddam when he was helping us when he was opposed to Iran, which we thought was a big threat, and the Soviet Union, which we thought was a big threat. And we opposed him when we thought he was a threat to us. And in fact, we overthrew him because we thought he was a threat to us. That sounds like sensible foreign policy to me. There‘s nothing to be ashamed of.