Nation's First Online Substance Abuse Treatment Expands Internationally;
eGetgoing Partners with TieCare International
to Reach International Education Community

2/3/2003 1:25:00 PM

    SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb 3, 2003 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- eGetgoing, the first provider of Internet-based alcohol and substance abuse prevention and treatment services, and TieCare International, Inc. announced its partnership to provide a new, innovative approach to the substance abuse needs of the international school community. eGetgoing is the Internet-based subsidiary of CRC Health Corporation, one of the country's leading providers of substance abuse treatment. TieCare International is the leading distributor of health insurance plans and other fringe benefit programs to the American international educational community.

    According to eGetgoing and CRC Health Corporation CEO Dr. Barry Karlin, "The new agreement will enable eGetgoing to bring its new, innovative, online approach to substance abuse issues, called teenGetgoing, to the overseas educational market where the online approach is most applicable. eGetgoing is the first and only JCAHO and CARF-accredited online substance abuse service available worldwide."

    Tie Care International will be offering two teenGetgoing services: Aware and Discover. Aware is an individual self-paced program that, through distance learning and interactive means, gathers information about individual teens views, experience and possible involvement with alcohol and drug use. The program consists of three 30-45 minute sessions filled with engaging, teen friendly videos, interactive slides, and decision-tree inquiries that address the basics of use, abuse and dependency. Aware provides guidance to both the teens and adults in determining the most appropriate course of action for teens at risk for alcohol and drug abuse problems. Using a real time, secure Internet environment, the Discover program provides live, interactive, audio and video-based, counselor-facilitated substance abuse treatment for groups of 12 to 17 year-olds. Discover can serve as early intervention treatment, primary treatment, or continuing care service to teens living anywhere in the world. Discover groups include up to ten participants, who meet twice weekly over a twelve-week period facilitated by certified professional counselors. Students participate through state of the art technology utilizing the very latest in distance learning and interactive tools. Teens completing Discover have access to an additional lifelong aftercare program that features counselor-led alumni group chat.

    Dr. Karlin, CEO of CRC Health Corporation, states that their new relationship with TieCare International "provides an opportunity for teens living anywhere in the world to access treatment services through an environment that they are familiar with and they feel comfortable in." Dr. Karlin reports, "Teens who may not normally access treatment for a variety of reasons may access online services because of the privacy and anonymity that it provides them." Andrew Thorburn, TieCare's Senior Vice President of Global Markets, states, "our relationship with schools around the world has made us aware of the pressing need in this area. When you hear figures like 90% of teens have used alcohol or drugs by the time they graduate from high school and an estimated 50% abuse these substances, and 15% are known to be chemically dependent, this gets your attention. We are very proud to be able to bring to the schools a professional and proven program that can make a real difference in this critical area."

    Mr. Thorburn adds, "Although these services are not really an insurance based or financial services product, we are both pleased and excited to be associated with a plan that meets such an important need of the international educational community."

    About TieCare International:
    TieCare International and its predecessor companies have been pioneers in bringing U.S. quality health insurance and other financial services to U.S. citizens residing overseas. Through its relationship with The International Educator, (TIE), TieCare provides group health insurance, group disability insurance, group and individual life insurance, and a full range of securities and supplemental insurance products to over 50% of the American International Schools. TieCare's distribution methodology relies exclusively on full time, TieCare representatives, most of whom are themselves expatriates, and does not employ any brokers or third party agents. This service-based approach is unique in the international arena, and affords TieCare an unmatched competitive advantage. Although a substance abuse program is not a true insurance or financial services product, it is closely related to their interest in comprehensive health care, and clearly fills a void in the services available to the overseas community. For more information, visit

    About eGetgoing:
    eGetgoing leverages the Internet to provide drug and alcohol abuse prevention and treatment services. In the treatment programs, experienced counselors use real-time audio and video conferencing to treat participants in a group environment. The first and only JCAHO and CARF accredited online drug and alcohol treatment program, eGetgoing offers accessible, affordable, convenient and anonymous alternatives to both adults and teens. eGetgoing complements traditional treatment programs by providing access for the millions of individuals who need treatment, but might not ever receive it through traditional residential and outpatient programs due to cost, privacy concerns and barriers to access. eGetgoing programs provide the crucial support for relapse prevention. eGetgoing, based in San Jose, Calif., is the online extension of CRC Health Corporation, an established group of residential and outpatient facilities that have provided substance abuse treatment to more than 30,000 people over the past 20 years. For more information, visit . eGetgoing ... powering access to substance abuse care throughout the world.

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