For Release: June 5, 2002
Bob Weiner (Gen. McCaffrey):      (301) 283-0821      (202) 361-0611
Jeff Van Keuren (United Defense): (763) 572-7615      (888) 969-1411

War Hero to Visit Minnesota's Crusader Program:
12 Noon, Thursday, June 6

News conference with Four-Star General Barry McCaffrey (ret.) following visit to United Defense


Four-Star General Barry McCaffrey (ret.) will hold a news conference at United Defense in Fridley, Minn., to discuss the Crusader Artillery System and its future.

Photo of Crusader Media will be able to observe displays of important aspects of the Crusader. McCaffrey is a supporter of Crusader and its ability to bolster our nation's artillery, which ranks 9th in the world.  The Crusader System, which is only a few years from being ready for soldiers, is at risk after the Administration and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld recommended the program's cancellation in early May despite Army testimony concerning its effectiveness and importance.  On the 58th anniversary of D-Day, McCaffrey will provide an interesting perspective as a former soldier well aware of what it takes to be successful in the field.

McCaffrey Bio: General McCaffrey is currently the Olin Distinguished Professor of National Security at West Point and a prominent media consultant on national security matters.  From 1995-2001, he was U.S. National Drug Policy Director.  Previously he served as Commander in Chief of the US Southern Command and advisor to Colin Powell at the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  When he retired from active duty, McCaffrey was the most highly-decorated and youngest four-star general in the U.S. Army.  He was twice awarded the nation's second highest award for valor - the Distinguished Service Cross.  He also received three Purple Heart medals for wounds received in combat.  McCaffrey was commander of the famous 24th Mechanized Infantry Division during the 400-kilometer "Left Hook" attack of Operation Desert Storm.


The press conference is at NOON, Thursday, June 6
* Please allow 15 minutes to check in at the guard gate


Yorktown Conference Center
United Defense
4800 East River Road
Minneapolis (Fridley), Minnesota 55421-1498

*Media should enter through the north guard gate off East River Road


Photographers and TV media will have full access to the press conference and displays.


The Crusader Artillery System is the first major advance in direct support cannon systems since breech-loaded howitzers were invented in the 1850's.  It is fully automated and is capable of firing up to 10 155mm-artillery rounds a minute. It can be directly tasked by infantry, armor and other sensors for fire support in seconds. It is the perfect close support indirect fire weapon.

Crusader is essential to maintaining America's military strength and its ability to fight and win decisively. Its relentless firepower and range weakens our enemies -- before they get close enough to harm us. Crusader will give the United States artillery overmatch for the first time since WWII.

Source: Robert Weiner Associates (301) 283-0821 / (202) 361-0611