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Former White House Spokesman Bob Weiner and Team’s Latest Op-Eds feature Restoring Assault Weapons Ban Would have Impacted LAST 15 Mass shootings that Killed 10+ each; National Parks Under Siege; Korea Talks Good Step; Down with Wall, Up with Port Security. Also, Latest TV/Radio

(Washington, DC)—Former White House spokesman Robert Weiner recently co-wrote four op-eds. The first, with Brad Star, in the Colorado Springs Gazette, contends the NRA should quit saying restoring the assault weapons ban wouldn’t make a difference, since all fifteen mass shootings of 10 or more since Columbine have been committed with assault weapons.

The second by Weiner and Kyle Fleck asserts national parks are under siege by budget reductions and privatization in the Trump administration, and appeared in LaborPress. Also in LaborPress and written by Weiner, Star and Ben Lasky: President Trump’s offer to meet with Kim Jong-Un is a good step to end the nuclear threat. Finally, Weiner co-wrote an op-ed with Lasky in the Youngstown Vindicator contending that port security is far more important than the Trump border wall in stopping drugs from entering the U.S.

All four op-eds were ranked by OpEdNews among the top four in the nation on day of publication.

At the National Press Club on April 26.Weiner also asked pointed questions to former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci (video below).

Weiner also made weekly appearances on “The Alan Nathan Show” on the Main Street Radio Network of 200 stations.


***April 20, 2018: “Quit Saying Assault Weapon Ban Wouldn’t Work” in the Colorado Springs Gazette by Robert Weiner and Brad Star: “Gun advocates should quit saying that restoring the assault weapons ban would mean nothing. All 15 mass killings of 10 or more since Columbine involved assault weapons under the ban by the Brady Bill, which was sunsetted [after lobbying] by the NRA.”

Article: OpEdNews with added chart of weapons used:

***April 14, 2018: “National Parks Under Siege” in LaborPress by Robert Weiner, Kyle Fleck and Ben Lasky: “Secretary Zinke and President Trump’s proposed 8% cuts with 4,000 fewer jobs for the national parks didn’t happen in the Omnibus Funding Bill just passed and signed ‘reluctantly,’ the President said. One of his objections was ‘too much money’. Congress refused the cut.”

Article: OpEdNews:

***March 24, 2018: “Trump’s Korea Talks a Good Step to End Nuclear Threat, Despite White House Back-and-Forth” in LaborPress by Robert Weiner, Brad Star ad Ben Lasky: “The threat hits home. From New York to Hawaii… Seattle has a nuclear submarine base 18 miles away.” Article: OpEdNews:

***March 18, 2018: “Down with Wall, Up with Increased Port Security” in the Youngstown Vindicator by Robert Weiner and Ben Lasky.

Article: OpEdNews:

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TV and Radio

***March 26, 2018: Bob’s questions to Anthony Scaramucci at the National Press Club.

Robert Weiner asks former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci questions about Russia, Presidential truth, and equal accountability at the National Press Club, scroll to 1:03:00 through end for Bob’s questions:

*** The Alan Nathan Show, Main Street Radio Network (200 stations) Bob discussed guns, Russia, immigration, and politics with Alan as regular on-air analyst:

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