By Rob Jerome

This is a link to a collection of selected photos from Albuquerque Nationals that I have posted on Flickr. Some of the photos you have seen/used before. The collection includes many Gold Medal winners as well as the following World and American Records:

World Records:

  • Bill Collins, 60 meters and 200 meters
  • Kathy Bergen, 60 meters and HJ
  • Ty Brown, 60 meters
  • Ed Burke, Weight Throw
  • Joy Upshaw (and Liz Palmer) breaking 60 meter hurdles WR
  • Orville Rogers, 1500 meters
  • M50 4x200
  • W45 4x400

    American Records (in addition to those above set while setting WR)

  • Joy Upshaw, 200 meters
  • Ty Brown, 200 meters
  • Antwon Dussett, 400 meters
  • Myrle Mensey, Shot Put
  • Rachel Guest, Pentathlon
  • David Montieth HJ
  • W40 4x400

    The file names of the photos include the following identifying information: Sex, Age, Athlete Name, Event, Award Won, or Record Set.

    If you would like to use any of these photos, please let me know and I will send you the JPEG version. Photo credit should be "Rob Jerome". As you all know, I do not charge for my work.

    Just to let you know, all of these photos have been submitted to Amanda Scotti for possible publication in "National Masters News". I have never had a problem with photos being used by multiple outlets.

    As always, a pleasure working with you.