The Hill
February 5, 2014


(Washington, DC) -- A public affairs and issue strategy company headed by a senior Clinton administration Public Affairs Director and former congressional communications director for congressional leaders is looking quality volunteer intern to develop media strategies for progressive but realistic national issues and organizations -- including working with White House offices, leaders of Congress, consumer groups, world sports agencies, health care rights supporters, efficient military systems advocates, drug policy/criminal justice experts, progressive political organizations, and others.

One key aspect is that you will research, write, and co-byline oped columns (opinion pieces) in major national newspapers--we've done over 200: (

If you have written for college or mainstream papers or radio-TV and have experience with deadlines and word efficiency, you may have what we need -- and what will make your internship productive, published, and fun.

Company President Bob Weiner served in the Clinton White House as a Director of Public Affairs from 1995-2001. Earlier, he worked for U.S. Congressmen John Conyers (D-MI), Charles Rangel (D-NY), Claude Pepper (D-FL), Ed Koch (D-NY), and Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA). Bob believes in the energy and genius of youth and opposes age discrimination at either side --his first Washington position was as National Youth Vote Director for the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate during the famed break-in of the headquarters. He was later Chief of Staff of the House Aging Committee, brought Colonel Sanders in as a witness, and is credited with leading landmark legislation to abolish mandatory retirement. Bob directed the Daily Press Briefing Room for the last two Democratic National Conventions nominating President Obama and the General Press Room for four earlier Democratic National Conventions, and brought an organizing team with him.

While working for President Clinton, Bob was credited by the New York Times as the first grand jury witness to stand on the courthouse steps and criticize Ken Starr's "overreach" -- Bob chastised Starr as "big brother at its worst" for subpoenaing him and requiring his testimony for personal phone calls by Bob and his wife from their house to congratulate friends for a press release covered on TV criticizing Linda Tripp's taping of Monica Lewinsky.

"If you like politics and action, our internship is a great opportunity," Weiner said. "But you have to be fearless and organized to succeed. We deal with the top people in Washington, and I want good writers who are also confident on the phone and in person. You do need to be willing to do whatever the workload requires. Most of all, I want someone who knows how to have fun while working because what we do is quite exciting -- we are making a difference," Bob concluded.

We have had recent op-eds published in the Washington Post and Washington Times, New York Times, Miami Herald, Baltimore Sun, San Francisco Chronicle, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Boston Globe, New York Daily News, New York Post, Newsday, Palm Beach Post, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Honolulu Star Bulletin, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Des Moines Register, Denver Post, Tallahassee Democrat, New York Post, The New York Daily News, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Michigan Chronicle and many others.

You'll help write opinion columns for major newspapers and will generate talking points for national network radio and TV shows. You'll develop public affairs strategies for national issues and organizations. Be part of meetings in Washington where Bob is a Committee member of cutting edge and influential national organizations and works closely with the White House and Congress, and develop policy and media releases used to build issues and understanding.

Applicant needs a car -- the home office is in Maryland, 25 minutes from the Capitol Building.

Lunch and transportation costs each day included, bonuses awarded for generating press coverage and publishing op-eds.

Check out our website for Bob's opeds, including most co-authored with bylined interns; see direct link

To apply: Send resume including your reachable phone, writing samples (articles, opeds, or scripts), references, and a brief cover note stating why you are interested in Robert Weiner Associates Public Affairs and Issue Strategies, and Solutions for Change. Submit via e-mail to or regular US mail to Robert Weiner Associates Public Affairs, PO Box 28271, Washington, DC 20038-8271. If you believe you are qualified and interested after reading though our website, and AFTER you have emailed or mailed materials with enough time for our getting them, you may also call 301-283-0821.

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