White House Finally Fine-Tuning Health Care Message, Says Clinton Aide
by Justin Duckham
Friday, January 28, 2011 at 4:59 PM

Nearly a year after signing health care reform legislation into law, the White House is finally perfecting their message, according to Bob Weiner, a Democratic strategist and veteran of the Clinton administration.

“Now they’re getting to it,” Weiner told Talk Radio News Service following the president’s speech before the Families USA Health Action conference in Washington, D.C. this morning “He defused the myths today.”

Weiner decried Republican rhetoric surrounding the repeal debate, arguing that opposition to the law is based on a series of falsehoods related to the cost and reach of the law rather than actual facts.

“They want to just call this a socialist monstrosity,” Weiner said. “They don’t want anybody to know that it covers pre-existing conditions, seniors drugs, children through age 26, lifetime coverage and preventive care.”

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