Bob Weiner's response to

It's a tricky situation because we want to stop cheating and want to test to accomplish that, but older athletes take more medications and the medical exemptions may overwhelm the testers. One thing we have to do, however, is sift through the nonsense of every busted athlete claiming everyone does it -- that is nonsense and a rationalization by the cheater. Also, we have to sift through the real medicines needed for someone's illnesses versus the ones they say are for that but are really just to cheat. Random and targeted (where there is suspicion) testing will be a powerful statement that cheating is not being tolerated. As someone who worked hard to help create WADA and USADA when I was at the White House Drug Office, and as someone who is a masters runner myself who worked with Frank Shorter to create USADA, I want to see cheating stopped -- but I also want fairness to older athletes.

-- Bob Weiner, USATF Masters executive committee member, and former spokesman, White House National Drug Policy Office